Available for Sale

Back in 1993 I had a dream of creating a really successful electronic music label with a fantastic stable of artists: Atomic City. My dream lasted until 1997, when I was forced to close the label’s doors before multiple years of successive losses attracted the attention of the IRS. Let’s face it, I wasn’t cut out to be a music-label maven.

But the CDs on Atomic City are still out there and available, and while I don’t sell more than a few units a year (and get pennies for sales online at most), I am still proud of them all and glad to offer them for sale. Some of these are solo works by me, a few are by other artists, and many are by the group I started in 1990 and continued until 1999 as the first great Internet collaborative music project: Team Metlay.

Many titles are still available as CD or CD-R releases; nearly all are available as digital downloads.

BANDWIDTH by Team Metlay (CD)

DIGITAL PLANET by Verity (CD and cassette; currently unavailable through CD Baby)

SHATTERDAY by Joe McMahon (CD)

BAND OF FIRE by Metlay (CD-EP)

BALLISTIC by Team Metlay (double CD)

LISTEN/MOVE by Cassiel (CD)


ELEPHANT ISLAND by Adam Schabtach (CD)

AFTER SILENCE by metlay! (CD-R)

ARCS AND ANGLES by Different Skies (CD-R)

THE 1 IS SILENT by mindSpiral (CD-R)

IT’S COME 2 THIS by mindSpiral (CD-R)



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