EEK! Mr Spiral and friends play live… don’t miss it!

You’ve got less than two days to clear your calendar! With the holiday season on us, there are plenty of offerings for your seasonal entertainment. If you wanted to go to a club and listen to the latest winner of The X Factor, you’d not even be reading this blog, so chances are, you’d like something a little different. Well EEK!

EEK! It's music, but not as we know it...

EEK! It’s music, but not as we know it…

EEK! for your information, is The Eklektik Elektrik Kolektiv – a group of some of the great and good of the electronic music community in the Boulder area of Colorado. Along with our very own Spiral Sands aka Mike Metlay (whose evil genius masterminded the event) the Kolektiv will be playing live at La Vita Bella in Longmont. Home of some of the wickedest desserts to ever tantalize your tastebuds, La Vita Bella will be hosting the Kolektiv for most of Saturday 27th December 2014 at 6pm SLT/ PDT, 7pm Mountain Time (local time), 9pm Eastern… and you’re invited!

“But Gypsy, I’m not in Colorado!” I hear you cry…

Never fear, you can join us in Second Life and hear it all streamed live there, as well as get a taste of the new set I’ve been slaving away at building (more on that later).

“But GYPSY! I’m not on Second Life and you can’t make me go and I don’t want to… but I want to hear EEK!” I hear you say (you did, right? Please keep up!)…

Well, yet again, never fear. You can now listen to the live, improvised performance via the computer you’re using to read this, and don’t you dare tell me you haven’t got one of those, ‘cos I know you have! Yes, you can listen right here on this page, just click the “Radio Spiral” widget in the sidebar when the show is due to start and off you go!

The Mystery Skybox

So, having assured you that you are not excluded and encouraging you to listen, let me tease those of you in Second Life that are planning to come. If you know Spiral’s HQ, you’ll know it’s a building with a small stage, comfy chairs, free mugs and lots of light and space with a decent view to the sea. Well, that’s where the show is normally streamed from and where you might be expecting to hear this show. You’d be wrong.


The Mystery Rings

Up in the skies over Spiral’s HQ is the mystery skybox you’ll see in the picture. What’s in the skybox? Well, right now, it’s what you can see in the picture below, complete with a grid, what looks like a fried egg, and me. Not impressed? Not even by the mystery rings in the picture to the right that’s there simply to make the page a bit more interesting?  Well, I think you might enjoy what’s in the skybox even more now you’ve been teased… so you’ll have to come along to find out! As a sweetener, if you think you like the look of the EEK! shirt I’m wearing, then you can pick one up free just for attending! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the SLURL, although you can click the button on the widgety sidebar for speed, too.

Mystery Grid

The Miss in a box

So, to summarize: this is a performance not to be missed, a Second Life set that’s worth the trip (not to mention the very coolest free shirts for those that make it) and a rare chance to hear this talented group of musicians. So what are you waiting for! EEK! on the 27th!

«Gypsy Witch«


Paws for a new release!

I’m delighted to be the bearer of good news and announce that Mike has a new album out on the excellent Aural Films label. Continuing with its collection of “Fog Music”, Mike’s album (under his solo name of metlay!) is titled “on little cat feet” and is number 27 in the series. It’s beautiful. Evocative, easy to listen to but still nicely evolving. I was charmed, and I hope you will be too. Let’s find out, shall we? Listen to it right here, and see what you think! Please do take some time to comment, Mike’s keen for any and all feedback. If you have time to Like or contribute via the various ways the label offers, it would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy this lovely piece of descriptive and atmospheric music.

«Gypsy Witch«

A New Look!

Yes, we’ve cleaned up our act a bit… the new theme is much clearer and easier to read, without sacrificing any of our features. We (and by that I mean Gypsy) have also added a videos page and a simple chatroom for use during shows on my own radio station when I’m not using Stillstream.

Wait, what? New radio station? Stay tuned… lots to tell you about as the year winds down.