More Ambient with your coffee, sir?

Hot Chocolate CheesecakeLive music is always special. It has an energy all its own and it’s not an option for the faint-hearted. Performing solo to an audience that is there simply because they wanted some refreshment is not an easy thing to do. Anyone who has the nerve and the skill to pull off a good set deserves kudos. Certainly, this evening at La Vita Bella, Longmont, Spiral wowed his Stillstream audience (and his audience on site) with an outstanding set of skillfully evolving, exciting and exceptional music and kudos must be given. Apparently one of the ways it arrived (other than claps and cheers in the chatroom) was via a very nice slice of Hot Chocolate Cheesecake (pictured) – surely better tasting than a Grammy?

Although we are all a lot more used to the wonders of modern technology and take a lot of it for granted, the idea that someone could be playing live to a coffee house and also be broadcasting live on radio doesn’t always register. Spiral had some fun explaining to some of his audience why he was talking to what appeared to be thin air, but it seems the show went down extremely well. It may have been amusing to explain to them that the show was being simulcast in Second Life, too, where there was an audience in the Atomic City HQ at Fellin Hill. Maybe that was taking the explanations an unnecessary step too far, though.

Rig Setup for La Vita BellaGear for this gig was carefully set up, you can see a picture here – interesting for the layman to look at and enough to offer Spiral the opportunity to actually adapt music on the fly to please a Stillstream audience member.

Merch StandAs well as the music, Spiral was offering some “Merch”. You can see the high tech set up in the picture and marvel at the level of marketing (hey, it’s a coffee house!).

It’s never easy to win over an audience whose tastes are unknown, especially if said audience popped in as part of their explorations of the Longmont Artwalk, so sales are especially appreciated in these circumstances. The fact that there were sales shows the quality of Spiral’s music. If you are in the Longmont area of CO, then make sure you look out for notices of forthcoming gigs, or make your life easy and check out this blog, and Mr Spiral’s website. Great food, great beverages and great music – what’s not to like?

From myself and all the Stillstream audience, Spiral, very well done!

«Gypsy Witch«


A Thousand Words (plus a bit) about metlay! live at La Vita Bella – September 20 2014


I will be streaming live on StillStream right after that day’s scheduled programming; if you tune in, you’ll hear Rebekkah Hilgraves wrapping up her show, At Water’s Edge, and we’ll then hand off to the live show, possibly already in progress. It’d be great to see you at the show, but if you can’t make it in person, you can always listen in and chat along in the chat room!


Oh dear indeed!

Look at all the beautiful shiny jolly candylike BUTTONS!

Look at all the beautiful shiny jolly candylike BUTTONS!

And so my dream has come to fruition…! Here’s the rig I’ll be using for the gig at La Vita Bella on September 20, or near enough; what you see here is no fewer than six different controllers all running the same Ableton Live session. One Ableton, two Novation, and three Akai, with lots and lots of shiny blinky buttons to press and cause all manner of sonic mayhem.

Details will follow soon—enjoy the blinky shininess in the meantime, and keep the afternoon and evening of September 20 open, even if you can’t be there in person!