mind13Spiral: Farewell To Fritz

Farewell To Fritz

Farewell To Fritz

After years of planning and preparation and gathering of necessary funds, the Fiske Planetarium announced in 2012 that at the end of the year, it would be shutting down Fritz, its huge Zeiss star projector, for the last time. This would be the first step in an eight-month rebuilding of the star theatre to a modern digital standard. Having performed with Fritz since 1999, there was no way I could let him go gracefully into that good night without a final concert!

I put out the word to several mindSpiral alumni, and we assembled a quintet of veterans with one eager newcomer: Allen Goodman provided rehearsal space for me, along with Darwin Grosse, Giles Reaves, and Paul Vnuk Jr. The concert was a great success, and hopefully most or all of us will get a chance to play in the now-completed digital theater at Fiske some day!



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