Available for Free

With my involvement in StillStream and subsequently with the excellent Earth Mantra and Just Not Normal netlabels, I have made a lot of my artistic output (and that of the various groups and festivals I have participated in) available for free under a Creative Commons license (3.0 Attribution/No Derivative Works/Noncommercial). What does that mean? You can’t sell my records; you can’t change the material or repurpose it without my permission; and you can’t take my name off it and put someone else’s on. Aside from that, it’s free to listen to, copy, distribute, and enjoy. Send it far and wide!

All I ask is that you drop me an email and tell me you liked it (or didn’t), and point people to my website to get their own copies and maybe find other things to enjoy.

On Earth Mantra:

Listed by artist:

metlay! (my solo output):



mindSpiral (in this case, mind8Spiral, a.k.a. Infinity Sideways):

Curiosa Positronica


Different Skies (CDs of live improv, two each from the festivals in 2007 and 2008):

Strange Lines And Distances

Imaginary Spaces

That Merciless Sky


labrathisattva (Lab-rat-i-SAT-va):

The View From Down Here

On Just Not Normal:


mindSpiral: The Redundancy of Suicide


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