Gypsy SeptAs musically talented as a small piece of granite, Gypsy is not only lacking in any ability beyond Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, but is also blessed with a singing voice like a foghorn. However, she knows what she likes and she likes who she knows – she is a real life friend of Dr. Metlay. The image you see here is not from real life, though, but from Second Life®, a virtual world. It’s in this world Gypsy helps Mike to organize his time and nags him on everything under the sun when appropriate (constantly).

If you’ve been in the chat rooms when Mike’s been live on radio, you’ve probably spoken to Gypsy when she uses her full handle of Gypsy Witch. If you want to find out what Mike is up to in Second Life, she’s your first port of call.

Gypsy can help you if you’d like to host a concert with Mike’s avatar, so don’t be afraid to drop her an instant message, they will go to email instead of being capped like NCs are. She may well be able to help you with a set if you have a venue but nothing in it.

Gypsy and Spiral work in a pretty building in Second Life, which is a pleasant place to visit, should you wish to meet up and arrange for him to play for your SIM/group. It offers merchandise vendors as well as a small stage and seating area for more intimate concerts. There is a full sound stage next door, too, belonging to a good friend – so if you’re short of a venue and don’t want one custom built, Spiral can play there for you and your group, if it’s too big for his own place. When he’s out and about in the “real” world, you may well find Gypsy at Spiral’s, relaying his stream so you can hang out and chat as well as listen to his music, live. If you do walk round, you may spot that Spiral’s PC has a screenshot of Ableton Live: his live-performance DAW of choice in the real world!

Although it’s still a work in progress, a taster is in order, and you can now come and visit. Spiral and Gypsy are usually at Atomic City HQ every Sunday during his show and you are more than welcome to visit and take a look around any time. Just take the Fellin Hill SLURL.

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You’ll find Gypsy online as GypsyW1tch Resident and Mike can be found drifting around as Spiral Sands.


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