mind3Spiral: 3 to get ready


mind3Spiral: April 7, 2007

The third mindSpiral concert took place at the Fiske in April 2007.

The band for this concert was mindSpiral (left to right):

John Rossi III – Naples, FL – keyboards and computer
Mike Metlay – Boulder, CO – modeling synthesizers, audio loops, and aebea
Bill Fox – eastern PA – guitar, pedal steels, loopers, and software

The show was almost cancelled due to inclement weather (this being the second time that John 3 had to deal with snow for one of these shows!), but the band played the full set for those who braved the snow to come to the planetarium. Due to the hurry to get people home safely in the storm, we omitted the intermission; the set list below is how the show was originally planned.

Material from the live set and rehearsals has been assembled into an album I call 3 to get ready, but I haven’t decided how I’m going to release it yet.

Set list

Set 1

another ghost town
when is a door not a door?
a big scary box of noise
jade gate

Set 2
wormhole scavenger

mellotrons bit my ass


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