One of Two: Resistance is Futile!

… you will be assimilated into watching machinima*!

Spiral at SL11B

Spiral at SL11B

The first of two videos currently in production have been uploaded to Spiral’s brand new YouTube channel and can be viewed right now! See some clips of his performance in Second Life at its eleventh birthday exhibition as well as some fascinating exhibits, all underscored by a fabulous piece he performed called “ReConquering the Void”. This is a truly beautiful piece of space music, guaranteed to make you smile.

If you’ve never seen Second Life, now you get to – in real time! Everything you see from the “ground” up has been built by a resident of Second Life. The set we perform on was a joint effort, and Spiral’s rig is his own build.

I will admit right now that I’m not Steven Spielberg in disguise, nor do I have access to ILM’s graphic programs or skills, so when you watch the video… be kind?

Here’s the link you want – and don’t forget to subscribe! Spiral and I both hope you really enjoy a novel way to listen to Spiral’s music.

«Gypsy Witch«

*According to Wikipedia: “Machinima  is the use of real-time computer graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Most often video games are used to generate the computer animation…”


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