Under The Dome

Under The Dome

Under The Dome

The name of a well-liked UK electronic music band… and where I’ll be in a couple of weeks! I had a lovely meeting with Ben Gondrez of the Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery, a very new and as yet little-known science museum in the lovely college town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fort Collins is the home of Colorado State University. It’s a beautiful city with friendly people and a forward-looking attitude, and the FCMOD is young, vibrant, and eager for new ways to draw crowds. And the one that caught my attention immediately was Dome Club.

Dome Club is a monthly meeting/presentation of new material that’s designed for a 360-degree presentation in digital dome theaters, of which the FCMOD has a beautiful example. Everyone in Colorado knows about the Gates Planetarium in Denver and the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder (the topic of another blog or three… my musical home for many years and many space music performances, not to mention the subject of an infamous episode of South Park!), but the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at the FCMOD is relatively unknown as yet, and Dome Club seeks to draw in both creators and consumers of full-dome content and increase the dome’s presence and audience in the process.

Well, hell… a planetarium that’s on the prowl for new entertainment experiences? Sign me up!

I first learned about Dome Club in April, when my wife gave a science talk in the dome and I got to meet Ben Gondrez of the FCMOD. Ben was extraordinarily kind to the ranting little man who buttonholed him immediately after the talk was over and began blathering about space music and immersive audio experiences and and and. He recommended that I come to the next Dome Club meeting, which I did, and after that evening’s program of experimental films was over, I asked for a spot on the roster. He agreed, sight unseen (well, sound unheard), and put me on the very next program opening, for Thursday, June 19, at 7 PM.

And there we go: right in at the deep end! A live performance for an audience that hasn’t heard my music before and has no idea what to expect, in a venue whose caretakers will be watching to see how my music goes over, with creators of full-dome video in attendance to see if I might be someone they want to work with.

Oh, and I might be streaming the concert live to StillStream too.

And I have nothing prepped and the concert’s in 15 days.

No pressure, right?

Excuse me if the blog posts are a little less frequent for a while… I have work to do.



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